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Wheel Repair Industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the Automotive Industry


Did you know the Wheel Straightening & Repair Industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the Automotive Industry? If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add dollars to the bottom line, or start your own wheel repair company we can show you how. A Tire store probably sees 3 to 5 wheel repairs per day, with wheel repair there is essentially no cost after you pay for your equipment. Some people ask, “What about the liability”? If you wreck your car today, the insurance company will only pay for a remanufactured wheel. This is exactly what you are doing: WHEN YOU GET EQUIPMENT FROM WHEEL REPAIR US remanufacturing bent wheels.

Wheel Repair US Is one of the oldest wheel repair distributors in the USA. When we sell you a wheel repair machine you will get everything you need to start repairing back side and face bends. Our wheel repair equipment training will get you up to speed and give you the confidence to start repairing wheels. Our ongoing support on you wheel repair equipment and 2 year warranty is second to none of any of the other wheel repair company’s. We do import our wheel repair equipment but with the USA customer in mind by giving more centering rings than any other importer our single phase motors our ability to make sure you know how to use your equipment and at any time you have a minimal down time.